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Unlike most shops, you are welcome to look through our toolbox to see if there are any tools that might help you with your project.

We have reference charts, calculators, and drawers full of useful tools.  These tools won't break, you don't have to clean them off, and you don't have to worry about putting them back in the drawer!

(And WE don't have to worry about you not returning them!)

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Bolt  / Fastener Tools

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Bolt Torque

 How tight should a bolt be? Don't guess, this chart shows you exactly!

Bolt Head / Wrench Size

Chart showing the wrench size for a given size bolt.

Bolt Grade Markings

Guide to the bolt grading system and the corresponding head markings


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Timing Belt / Pulley Calculator*

 Calculations for center to center distance and ratio of timing belt drives from our friends at Stock Drive Products

US/Metric Conversion

Convert length, area, volume, pressure, force, torque, and weight.

Right Angle Calculator*

Calculate the remaining values for right triangles when you only know length of two sides, or one side and one angle. REALLY HANDY!

Bolt Circle Calculator*

Calculates the coordinates on your DRO for bolt circles.

Linear Pattern Calculator*

Calculates the DRO coordinates for a linear pattern.

Hydraulic Pump Calculator*

Calculated the displacement and horsepower required for hydraulic pump applications NEW!

Hydraulic Motor Calculations*

Speed and torque calculations for hydraulic motors. NEW!

Hydraulic Cylinder Force*

 Calculates the push / pull force of hydraulic cylinders. NEW!

Ohms Law Calculator

Enter any two values you have, and it will calculate the rest.


Angles and Trig Tables

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Tube Notch Calculator

Calculate the correct angles for cutting tube on a chop saw to saddle or "cope" on another tube

Right Angle Calculator*

Calculate the remaining values for right triangles when you only know length of two sides, or one side and one angle.

Sine Bar Settings Chart

Formula for setting a sine bar, plus charts for the most common whole angles.

Trig Table

Chart of  trigonometry values for angles

Material Properties Charts

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MatWebOnline Materials Information
Steel Pipe Dimension ChartDimensions of schedule 40 steel pipe
Sheet Metal Gauge ThicknessChart of thicknesses and weights of ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal

Design Resources

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eFundaPay-per-view site featuring engineering fundamentals and calculators
The Engineers Club Web resources and links for engineers and technical professionals
EEVL Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
iCrank The Mechanical Engineering Portal
QuickMathAutomatic math Solutions
GlobalSpec The engineering search engine.
Engineers EdgeOnline destination for engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals to quickly find information to help in the solution of typical and complex technical problems. 




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