Pride in Craftsmanship


Technical and Metalworking Manuals

Hand Scraping, Filing, and Chipping Metal

If there was ever one area that can demonstrate the skill of the craftsman is if working metal with simple hand tools to incredible accuracy.

This small book shows the craftsman how to perform these increasingly hard to find techniques. 

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Metal Shapers and Planers

Metal shapers and planers were the work horses of the machine shop for many years. While they have been replaced by the modern CNC machines in most shops, they can do seemingly impossible jobs with inexpensive tool bits.

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Drilling Machines and Drill Bits - Setup, Care, and Use

The drill press is vital piece of equipment in any shop large or small. Very few projects do not involve drilling accurate holes. While the drilling machine is important, the bit itself can make or break the job.

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Basic Hand Tools in the Machine Shop

While the mills, lathes, and other powerful equipment dominate the machine shop, the basic use of hand tools is just as if not more important. These simple tools and the knowledge in their use is vital to craftsman.  It is such an important and overlooked subject, we are offering it free.


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