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Ohm's Law Calculator

Enter any two known values and click "Calculate" to find the other two values

Voltage (E) = Current (I) * Resistance (R)
Power (watts) = Current Squared (I^2) * Resistance (R)
Power = I*E = E^2 / R

Volts (E)
Amps (I)
Ohms (R)
Power (Watts)


A 60 watt  light bulb operating on 120 volts AC.

  1. Enter 60 in the Power (Watts) box
  2. Enter 120 in the Volts (E) box
  3. Click the Calculate button

The calculator should return 0.5 Amps (I) and 240 Ohms (R).

Click the Reset button before doing any other calculations or the calculator will use values from the previous calculation giving incorrect results.





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