Imagine a 30+ year old proven machine design with expiring patents and a manufacturer firmly entrenched in the food industry. Most people would see much opportunity there, But Bill Young of Young and Associates, Inc. is definitely NOT most people. Bill took this old workhorse of the food forming industry and brought it into the 21st century with his own ideas and designs.

UPDATE: I just spent a week with the folks from Young & Associates in an intensive training program ran by Brian. He'd make a good drill sergeant, but we learned one helluva lot about the machines!  Thanks Brian! ( P.S. I enjoyed the smelt, now it's my treat for calf fries on your next trip down!)

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When you need to glue something to something else, this is the site to visit. You choose the materials, and click Let's Glue!  The results will show you the best type of glue for your chosen application, plus some alternatives.
TeamBuckBuster.comHunting, Video Productions, and some great folks to work with. They will be helping with the upcoming "Shopdawg Video Productions".  Oops.. wasn't supposed to mention that yet. Don't tell anyone, ok?
 McMaster-Carr is a legend in the industrial community. Those big yellow catalogs have everything known to man (or so it seems). Ask them for a catalog, and they will tell you "No".  They are numbered, and the latest is up to 112 (I think). The catalogs sell on EBay from $5.00 to over $70.00.
It's NASA,  What else can you say?
Manufacturing companies do not come more diverse than the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. I worked for this company for over 20 years, and much of my love for anything technical came from here.
Project Sky-EyeVideo I'm not sure why, but due to overwhelming demand, here's the video of an ad-hoc project to put a camera on an RC airplane.

It wasn't even a real project. Just one of those things that happened to come about. I was working on the RC plane in the shop while Chris was working on his new wireless camera.. "HEY!.. Let's rubber-band that thing on top of the wing and see what happens!"... The rest it history.

"Rules of Industrial Maintenance"

If you have ever earned a living out of a toolbox, I challenge you to not recognize at least five of "The Rules".





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