What's a Shopdawg?

The short answer is: Anyone who uses their mind and hands to coax  ideas from a concept to reality. Shopdawgs world over spend countless hours in their workshops that range from a small portion of a room in an apartment to large commercial shops,  creating, restoring, repairing, building, designing, manufacturing and fabricating.

Now, let's introduce this particular (or should that read "peculiar"?) Shopdawg.

Kevin Bohn

The founder and driving force behind Shopdawg.com.

Kevin has been working with machinery his entire life. Being raised on a farm in Western Oklahoma, repairing, building, and modifying machines just comes naturally.

Trained as a machinist and industrial technician he has honed his skills with C.E. Page Industries, 3M Company, Imation Corporation, Ferrania Imaging Technologies, and Lopez Foods, Inc.  


Kevin has also worked with many individuals and small companies on various projects large and small.  There is always something going on in the shop, so keep checking in to see what's up!








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